Fiberglass tilt front end hinge kits

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fiberglass tilt front end hinge kits

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Tilt Hood Kits

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Bend to fit your car. Consists of 8 tubes, 8 tabs and screws. Deluxe kit contains 4 kits:. Total weight of kits is 13 lbs. Kits consist of tubing, hardware, instructions and a diagram. Part No. If you are using a heavier style bolt-on hood that uses the front latch, then you must have slightly stronger springs Malibu or Monte Carlo. Circular springs replace the original factory springs and allow the hood to stay in the raised position when opened.

Circular springs are not plated but, have a rust resistance black finish. Plating is not recommended for these high tensile type springs. Quality hood pins are a must when attaching a fiberglass hood. Inferior hold downs could allow the front of the hood to lift and cause damage to the hood. All parts are either chrome or stainless steel. This spring allows the hood to 'pop' up slightly when the latch is pulled or released.

This feature allows you to 'grab' the front edge of the hood to open it. This specially designed spring is ideal for Unlimited's front latching hood. The spring easily bolts to the existing 'pop' up spring location on the radiator support or on the hood itself.

Original factory pop up is too strong for fiberglass hoods. Springs are available for most hoods. All springs feature full plating for proper rust protection. All fiberglass hoods that attach to hinges must use low tension springs or no springs prop rod must then be used.

The standard hinge springs cannot be used with a fiberglass hood, which have a much lower weight and require a matching hinge spring. Unlimited offers a range of low tension springs that are specially designed for our lightweight hoods.

When ordering springs, please specify make and model of car.Front End Descriptions.

fiberglass tilt front end hinge kits

We offer the largest selections of front ends - Any where! One piece front end offer many advantages. Most importantly, Easy Engine Access! They are perfect for header and spark plug access - engine swaps Less weight is an other important factor that most individuals don't think about.

Lightening up your vehicle means better economy and performance - if you think we are kidding try bolting a spare set of cylinders heads to your front bumper and you'll see just what front end weight will do to your handling. With a glass front end you can save anywhere from 50 to pounds. One of the best ways to eliminate rusty front end body parts is to simply take them off - and start fresh with a new fiberglass composite front end. Tilt Front Ends : come complete with a hinge kit.

They require some body work experience as well as light welding, drilling and cutting to insure proper installation. Print Page. Front End Descriptions We offer the largest selections of front ends - Any where!

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Disconnect the front wiring harness from the front end panels. The front bumper can remain attached without grill guard. Position the Front end assembly on the truck. Also, some front ends may require that the factory inner bracing be trimmed down to fit the cowl and inside rear fender areas.

Fiberglass Mounting Kits

Shim the front end to the desired location with wooden blocks. Be sure the front end lines up parallel with the door seams. Some early truck front ends may need to be notched where the frame horns protrude forward. Place two hinging brackets on each forward frame rail with the gusset on the out board side. The other two brackets should be positioned on top of the first two with the gussets on the inboard side. Place the hinges supplied between the two bracketswhich are now sleeved together, at the top forward edge forming a temporary shim.

Next, shim the top bracket up to contact with the front end steel bar and clamp it in place. Assemble your hinges, by hammering the pin into the slot as shown. Make sure both hinges are assembled the same, this will allow the front end once fully opened to be easily removed by sliding it to one side. Next weld the two upper brackets to the rear side of the hinges. At this point your hinging mechanism should move up and down freely.

Make sure to double check the security of the steel bar laminated in the front end itself. More fiberglass may need to be added to secure it properly. Now that your new U.Has anyone made any progress or have input on the better hinge system to use.

Look under "Car Pictures". The website is way out of date concerning car configuration My hinges consist of matching flat plates, one attached to the car, one to the hood on each side. Note that the actual hinge point is very low in order to make the air dam clear the floor when the front end rotates up.

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I used some hydraulic struts to hold the hood open, but found that there was too much tension, so I just gutted them and used them for simple stops. The complete assembly can be removed quickly without tools by just pulling the pins at the hinges and at the hydraulic struts.

I'll be building a new tilt front pretty soon - to match my new rear flares almost done - by connecting the Reaction Research YZ front fenders, hood and air dam - I plan to use the same hinge construction but build some integrated side latches to eliminate the hood pins. Tilt front ends have a nice "gee whiz" factor and really are good for providing access while working on the car. After I got this car done and before I dinged up the paint by driving and carelessly wrenching in the shop, the car won "best in show" at a local Z car event, based mostly on the front end work.

My front end came without headlight buckets or flares. I added those. The hydraulic struts I used are something I picked up off the rack in a parts store - selected for the right size and suitable mounts on both ends.

I think they are quite a bit shorter than the Z hatch struts. Any "worn out" strut that will fit can be used. I don't know what the hinges supplied with the front-end look like, but on a car non-Z that I put a one-piece front-end on I reversed and adapted a set of hood hinges from a rear-hinged hood car to serve as the hinges for the front-end unit. The advantage was that as the front-end tilted forward, it also moved up and away from the chassis which avoided some interference problems. I don't know what source to suggest, you'd just have to start looking at JYs and get creative.

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Front Flip Nose on a Bugeye with a great hinge system

Posted October 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I use 4 hood pins to secure the front end near the cowl area when closed.

Let me know if more pictures of the hinges are desired.

AFRC- Fiberglass Front End Mounting Kit

Posted October 18, Guest 73Turboz. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing.NOTE: Because we make so many parts we are unable to stock everything. Normal Time frame is at 5 to 6 Weeks to ship your fiberglass parts. However busy seasons, Oct - April, can range much longer.

Please keep in mind Shipping and Handling Box or Crate is Extra on some items and shipping will vary depending on your location. UPS shipping is also to be prepaid. Prices on this website are subject to change without notice. Front End Mounting Instructions.


Scroll down for more Kits and info. Fit two Dzus fasteners at the bottom of the front end, Mount two Dzus plates behind them to the car. Made From lightweight Chromoly Tubing. Mounting Kit Includes :. Not Included: Dzus Fasteners. Tip: Tack weld the kit together inside of the front end.

The factory recommendation is to scuff the area down with 40 grit paper, clean it, and use a two part epoxy under the plates. After it dries resin up a piece of fiberglass cloth and cover the plate.

Fit Long tube "B" and end tubes "C" for length, then weld plates on the end tubes"C". Next weld the end tubes"C" to the long tube"B". Weld Slip tube "E" to the cars front frame rails. Now Weld slip tube "D" to the center tube"B". Fiberglass over "A" plates to hold it in the front end. Or rivet them in place.

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You will need a Set up Dzus Plates and Buttons. Not Included in kit. The gelcoat is ready for paint.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Technical How do you build a tilt front end mechanism?????????????? I'm wanting to 1 decide if I want to make the front clip on Clarence into a tilt unit, and 2 if so then decide how I want it to be designed and work.

Tilt front end was mentioned in a lot of threads, but none that I found actually showed pix or discussed how they designed it other than these two. Any information is appreciated. And PIX!!! I'm worse than most about understanding a design discussion without seeing what is being talked about.

Thanx in advance. I don't have any pics of the build on this beast, but the client wanted tilt front end and tilt bed. The front began by bolting the hood and fenders together, using a strip of stainless for proper spacing. We fabbed a frame for the inside to keep it supported and moving in one piece.

For the tilt itself, milled a long p shaped slot in 2 blocks of stainless that was welded in the frame rails up front. I used a skateboard wheel bearing for the roller, it rested in the loop of the p when opening to keep it in one place. It was operated from inside the cab via linear actuators.

Long paragraph, I can reply in more detail via im if you have any particulars you wanted to dig into BrentphxAug 27, I built mine by using garage door rollers and small angle iron for the track.

fiberglass tilt front end hinge kits

The front end rolls forward 5" and than tips upon the same rollers There are some blades on the lower fenders that line it up when you slide it back.

I will post some pics tomorrow it is to late now. Hilo hotrodderAug 28, Animal likes this. Mike, I'm really glad you started this thread! I'm getting ready to do the same thing on my '56 Fairlane. I've searched and searched and haven't found much of real instructional value. I would also like to see some pictures, hear some warnings and positive reviews on methods and materials. Not necessarily to copy them, but get some ideas to put together into a system that will work for me on this car.

AnimalAug 28, Some years back I started to do what you guys are planning on doing, this was going to be for my 66 Suburban, but 86'd the plan because of the physical size of the hood. It may be possible to find a Saab manual that may show the parts breakdown and operation. I have seen a few of these built over the years, but it had to have been a lot of trial and error to get it to work properly. Your results may vary Last edited: Aug 28, DDDennyAug 28, Sorry, I need to read threads a little closer apparently, I thought it was just the hood you were wanting to tilt forward.

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